Happy Paws Pet Care

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Dog Boarding

It's the reassurance that when you go away, your dog is in a safe, friendly and loving home, just like your own.

Your dog will have full run of a safe and secure house and garden, there's no 'off' limits (unless you want there to be) and your dog will never be confined to just one area. Mi casa es su casa!

Your lovely doggy will be treated as if it's my own, so you can be sure they won't be short of a lot of love and attention.

For an over night stay and home from home service, it is:



£20/night (if the stay is longer than 7 nights)

*I am flexible with times and can work around your schedule as much as possible.

*I offer a pick up and drop off service at no extra cost.

* At least 2 big walks a day is guaranteed which can either be alone or joined in with my pack walks.

*I try to stick to your dogs routine and training regime as much as possible.

* I am fully insured to care for your doggy both inside and outside the house.

* I don't like doing long car journeys for walks, so I have really good walks close by to take your doggy on.

*For the short car journeys I might need to take your dog on I have a kenneled van and doggy seat belts for safe travel.

* Your dog will never be left alone! If I have to nip out anywhere I always make sure there is someone with your dog to keep them company and keep the high standard of love and attention going!

Please get in touch if you have any questions.... and I always like having you round to have a chat about things further, and to see the house and garden where your dog will be staying, so please get in touch and we can organise a meet and greet.